[Lustre-devel] How store HSM metadata in MDT ?

Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere jc.lafoucriere at cea.fr
Fri Jul 11 07:32:48 PDT 2008

Peter Braam wrote:
>>> 3. how are multiple coordinators and agents utilized to distribute load so
>>> that the HSM can keep up with massive small file creation?
>> One coordinator per MDT.
> No - these must be independent considerations.  A coordinator may be much
> slower than an MDS node in handling a single file.  I say this because this
> has been the experience in the industry so far - with small files the HSM
> can not at all keep up.

Why a coordinator should be on a slower node than a MDS ?
Coordinator is a Lustre service  like other Lustre services so it will 
be on a right hardware

Do you mean a coordinator is not part of the Lustre cluster ?

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