[Lustre-devel] Cross posting of ADM information on opensolaris.org

Rick Matthews Richard.Matthews at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 21 08:01:14 PDT 2008

For reference in HSM discussions, I am cross-posing the location of the
ADM (Automatic Data Migration) project page within OpenSolaris. Please note
the following:
    1) The OpenSolaris page refers to ADM as  an HSM for ZFS and OpenSolaris
       based appliances using ZFS. No changes have been made to include 
       Lustre consumables.
    2) The project page seems to be missing a link to the ADM PSARC case 
       We are working to get that corrected. The PSARC case 
documentation includes
       most of the detailed specifications for ADM components.

The ADM project page is at:

Interesting links from there are: 
and the demo on that page. Of course, the link to the PSARC case will 
also be added.

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