[Lustre-devel] GSS cross-realm broken in lsvcgssd

Eric Mei Eric.Mei at Sun.COM
Fri Jun 20 09:13:52 PDT 2008

Hello Ben,

Benjamin Bennett wrote:
> lsvcgssd from the current HEAD refuses all remote-realm principals, the 
> culprit is get_ids() in lustre/utils/gss/svcgssd_proc.c
> In the previous revision (1.4):
>   MDS accepts remote principals with mapping to local user.
>   OSS accepts remote "lustre_root at SOMEREALM" principals.
>   Any other remote principals are logged as unmapped and failed.
> In the current revision (1.5, since Jan):
>   MDS fails all remote principals.
>   OSS fails all remote principals.
>   Unmapped remote principals are logged, mapped are not.
> The attached patch (against 1.5):
>   Restores previous MDS behavior of accepting remote principals with 
> mapping to local user.
>   Modifies OSS behavior to accept remote "lustre_root at SOMEREALM" and 
> "lustre_root/hostname at SOMEREALM" principals.
>   Fixes logging errors in get_ids().

We didn't really tested cross-realm cases. The patch looks great, we'll 
merge it into our CVS asap. Thanks a lot!


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