[Lustre-devel] moving obd_fail_check to libcfs

Eric Barton eeb at sun.com
Mon Feb 23 13:39:51 PST 2009

Although I could agree that there should be levels of abstraction
above libcfs, it is, de facto, the place we put _all_ generic code
- not just stateless porting primitives, but everything that can be
used everywhere.

I don't actually think of obd_fail_check as inexorably bound with
/proc.  But since that's the current implementation, it's probably
my oversight not to have shared that sense of direction.

Nic, is the patch totally /proc - centric?  Wangdi is doing the work
to remove /proc-ness and make our tuneables, configurables and monitoring
more portable.  He needs to be involved...


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> I don't think libcfs currently initializes any proc entries, so it's
> not clear how you will set obd_fail_loc.  In theory libcfs should just
> thin library of porting primitives, and things like logging and
> fail_check should be in a layer just above libcfs which could have a
> management interface.    So far we've just put some extra low-level
> functionality into libcfs, but at some point it should be refactored.
> I think when we need to add initialization code and an interface is
> that point.
> robert
> On Feb 22, 2009, at 8:15 PM, Nic Henke wrote:
> > Would there be any objection to a patch that'd move the current
> > obdclass-centric obd_fail_check and friends to libcfs ? I'd like to be
> > able to use the same logic inside LNET and our new LND without
> > replicating the code.
> >
> > I'm thinking it would need to be renamed to CFS_FAIL_CHECK as well.
> >
> > Thoughts or suggestions?
> >
> > Nic
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