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Yong Fan Yong.Fan at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 10 02:28:46 PDT 2009

Sorry, some test resources budgeting limit delayed the test
a little. This is the last test result:
TCP2, IB and Routed IB were tested on the same cluster
with the same scale. TPC1 was tested on another cluster.

Fan Yong
> Fan Yong,
> I don't think the factor of ~2 can be explained simply by node
> performance.  But why debate the point when it will be simpler
> to repeat the measurements (i.e. repeating the tests exactly
> with the same parameters e.g. # dirents) using 1GigE on the
> same nodes that were used to measure IB.
>     Cheers,
>               Eric
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>> Eric Barton 写道:
>>> Fan Yong,
>>> The attached PDF shows the results you gathered in a form
>>> that makes it easier to understand the results and helps
>>> comparison.  Please could you review it for correctness.
>> Yes, it is much help to understand the performance improvement
>> by statahead with the chart.
>> But I think the first chart for "Statahead Dirents/second" maybe
>> some misguide, since the TCP result and IB result are from different
>> hardware environment (I mean the CPU and memory), that the speed
>> of stating under IB is faster than TCP case is meaningless.
>> Relatively, the second chart for "Statahead Speedup" is more useful,
>> which is relatively independent from hardware (CPU and memory).
>> It gives the trend of upper bound on performance improvement from
>> statahead under different network configure, and different dir/file ratio.
>> Thanks!
>> --
>> Fan Yong
>>>     Cheers,
>>>               Eric

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