[Lustre-devel] bz-18539 and osc_statfs_interpret

James Simmons jsimmons at infradead.org
Fri May 22 10:21:07 PDT 2009

Form bugzilla the approach recommended to set the oscc_flag was to use
the MDS-side code in osc_statfs_interpret(). First question is why this 
approach instead of defining a new osc_import_event. On the OST we will 
be setting the state with something like: 


So the flow will be from the OST to the OSC. Just curious why it is not 
done this way.

	The second question deals with setting the oscc_flag from 
osc_statfs_interpret. After looking at the code I noticed oscc_flag is a 
field in struct osc_creator. The only place I could find osc_creator was
in struct client_obd which I could only find in struct obd_device or
struct osc_brw_async_args which we are not using for this. 
	Now for struct osc_async_args which is passed into 
osc_statfs_interpret just contains a pointer to struct obd_info. Looking
at the components for struct obd_info I don't see a easy way to get the 
proper obd_device to get the client_obd I need. What am I missing? 

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