[Lustre-devel] ldiskfs build problem with rhel5.5

James Simmons jsimmons at infradead.org
Mon Dec 20 05:51:29 PST 2010

> Hi,
> I ran into a problem in building ldiskfs-3.1.4 with 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5 
> kernel.
> The kernel was patched with kernel patches provided by lustre-1.8.5 and
> ldiskfs-3.1.4.
> The problem I encountered was that the kernel and kernel-devel rpms
> did not provide fs/ext4/*.[ch], which the build process would need.
> Is there a kernel patch for this problem?

Does it deal with export_decode_fh ? Do you build againt OFED 1.5.2 ? If 
that is the case then I ran into that issue last week. OFED alters your 
kernel to build the modules but it doesn't alter the source tree. When  
lustre builds it looks at your source tree which is different then what 
the biniaries export. The solution is to copy what is in include-nfs/linux 
from OFED to your kernel source tree include/linux directory.

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