[Lustre-devel] about the lustre simulator

di.wang di.wang at oracle.com
Thu May 6 08:04:13 PDT 2010

Tonney Kaiven Cheung wrote:
> Dear Everyone!
> I want to do some optimization about the Lustre' s Net Request 
> Scheduler. Someone has told me that doing the job with the help of 
> lustre simulator will make things easy. And I google the lustre 
> simulator, but got no useful information. Would you please give me 
> some information about the lustre simulator? Besides, would you please 
> tell me that how does it work, whether works on line or download it to 
> the local machine and run it?
> Thanks!
Did you check here https://bugzilla.lustre.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13634 ?

> Yuksam Cheung
> 2010-05-06
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