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On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 12:39 PM, Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere <
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>  hello all
> I personally always had difficulties with perl ...
> the code is generally very hard to read, and the language brings very
> quickly to tricky optimization only experts understood

At first blush, I had a hard time reading C code.  I was looking at the
first implementation of
the C preprocessor and nobody had figured out how to write clean code yet.
 Truly awful.
I also had a professor who claimed he could make any language look like
I believe him to this day.  It takes effort, care, examples and some
training to write
clean comprehensible code in any language, beit C or bash or perl or python
or ruby.

it will also be easier for them to get the right "python" way of
> programming than the right "perl" way of programming
> (in both cases the worst way is to use the new language as bash, which can
> arrive much quickly with perl than with python)

In both cases, you need to find good examples of language usage,
characterize what makes the good examples good and then emulate that.
Perl can be clean and comprehensible.  Even bash can be clean and
And Python can be illegible.  It takes effort.
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