[Lustre-devel] mounting a device twice

Michael Kluge michael.kluge at tu-dresden.de
Wed Jul 24 22:13:19 PDT 2013

Hi Andreas,

thanks for the information.


On 25.07.2013 04:39, Dilger, Andreas wrote:
> You can do this because the kernel is not actually mounting the block device twice. Lustre is mounting the block device internally as type ldiskfs and the second mount will be like a bind mount of the same filesystem root tree.
> I do this on my local filesystem for quick debugging, but it isn't strictly safe on an active filesystem because modifications can render the Lustre and on disk state inconsistent.
> Cheers, Andreas
> On 2013-07-24, at 11:27, "Michael Kluge" <michael.kluge at tu-dresden.de> wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> can I mount a device mounted as lustre a second time as ldiskfs or would MMP protect me from doing this?
>> Regards, Michael

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