[lustre-devel] Lustre release 2.14

Peter Jones pjones at whamcloud.com
Wed Dec 30 05:40:04 PST 2020

2.14 will be out shortly – release testing is at an advanced stage. RHEL 8.3 servers and clients will be supported (though RHEL 8.2 will likely work too)

From: <tom.dau at fungible.com>
Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at 9:05 AM
To: <lustre-devel at lists.lustre.org>
Subject: Lustre release 2.14


I am not sure if this is the right email to ask about Lustre release version 2.14.  If it’s not, could someone please direct me to the correct email?

I have a few questions regarding release 2.14.

  1.  When will version 2.14 be GA’ed?
  2.  Will version 2.14 support both server and client?
  3.  Will version 2.14 for server support NVMe over TCP since I saw the test matrix shows that it will support RHEL 8.2 which has nvme_tcp kernel module?


Tom Dau
Email: tom.dau at fungible.com

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