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I was trying to understand more about LDLM, specifically Lock Value Block (LVB's) and stumbled upon the following code block :

static int mdc_resource_inode_free(struct ldlm_resource *res)
        if (res->lr_lvb_inode)
                res->lr_lvb_inode = NULL;

        return 0;

Shouldn't the pointer (lr_lvb_inode) be freed before assigning it to NULL ?

Just curious to know.

The "lr_lvb_inode" pointer is a pointer to the VFS inode that is referencing a lock/resource:

int mdc_set_lock_data(struct obd_export *exp, const struct lustre_handle *lockh,
                      void *data, __u64 *bits)
        struct inode *new_inode = data;
        lock->l_resource->lr_lvb_inode = new_inode;

The inode is allocated/freed separately by the VFS.  The lr_lvb_inode pointer is used to quickly find the VFS inode from a DLM resource, but does not take a reference on the inode itself.  Otherwise, the inode would always have an elevated reference count and would never be freed by the VFS.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
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