[lustre-devel] LU-12759 not in 2.12

Mattias Claesson slas+lustre at pdc.kth.se
Tue Jan 7 09:48:02 PST 2020

Hi Peter,

Sorry for not answering earlier.

> The short answer is because nobody has flagged it for inclusion. Do
> you consider that there would still be value to include it now that a
> fix for LU-12120 has landed?
Ok. I'm not too familiar with what should go into which version stream,
but since 2.12 is the current LTS version, and I would consider this
(set parameters are "forgotten") a separate bug in itself, it seems
natural to me to include it there also. The fewer patches we need to
remember to apply when using the LTS version the better, I would say.
And I assume there are other cases also when one would want to turn off
'grant_shrink', even when not trying to mitigate LU-12120, since the
feature was already (mostly) implemented :)


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