[lustre-devel] The Progress of Arm64 External Tester and Builder

Kevin Zhao kevin.zhao at linaro.org
Fri Apr 22 00:23:50 PDT 2022

Hi Lustre,

Xinliang and I are from Linaro, and we’ve worked on Lustre on the Arm64 for
several months. Now we’ve enabled the external Arm64 builder and test.

The external arm64 CI architecture is like below:

We’ve set up an external Jenkins to handle this. Currently, it is on an
self-setup jenkins  <>

Now we have:


   Lustre Build Job
   watch gerrit change and build Lustre packages, then move them to a self
   setup Yum repo. Now due to easy test, we just run it once every to grab the
   latest version. Will move to on-trigger after we get more machines.

   Lustre test job
   Jenkins pipeline. Using Terraform to provision arm64 vms in an OpenStack
   cluster. And then configure the test vms and run. Currently we just test
   sanity test suites. Usually cost 4-5 hours for the whole jobs.



   Test: Cover more tests suites, needs to provision more machines for this.

   Move to Linaro Jenkins: https://ci.linaro.org  after the test becomes

   Build more Arm64 Release and publish for experiment use.

*And 2 things below need the community’s confirmation and help*:


   We don’t have Maloo DB account or token, so currently we can not post
   the data to Maloo DB for the upstream developers to see the test

   We have now built and maintained a yum repository for Lustre and
   e2fsprogs at We plan to share the tested
   Arm64 RPMs in case anyone wants to try Lustre on Arm quickly, can we put
   them into the Lustre official repo
   https://downloads.whamcloud.com/public/lustre/ as an experimental release?
   Or if we can’t, another proposal, is it possible for the community to
   have an entry in the https://www.lustre.org/download/ point to the
   external Arm64 yum repo?

Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon. Really
appreciate the help from Lustre upstream during the last several months for
Lustre on Arm64 bugfix and test.

*Best Regards*

*Kevin Zhao*

Tech Lead, LDCG Cloud Infrastructure

Linaro Vertical Technologies

IRC(freenode): kevinz

Slack(kubernetes.slack.com): kevinz

kevin.zhao at linaro.org | Mobile/Direct/Wechat:  +86 18818270915
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