[Lustre-discuss] Parity Declustering and Distributed Sparing

Daniel Ferber Daniel.Ferber at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 6 03:43:05 PDT 2008

A customer and I were talking about Parity Declustering and Distributed
Sparing. We don't really understand the presence of either options in the
Lustre system. It has been our understanding that past instantiations of
Lustre rely entirely on the enterprise storage beneath the Lustre system in
order to achieve High Availability. I.e., if one were to want RAID-6
functionality from a local Lustre node, the one would install Lustre on a
storage device running RAID-6 in hardware, and if one were to want
split-path failover, you'd buy (for example) two storage nodes, and rely on
the storage for the failover. What are we not understanding?


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