[Lustre-discuss] Lustre on X4200 and STK 6140 Issues

Andreas Dilger adilger at sun.com
Tue Oct 7 01:48:39 PDT 2008

On Oct 06, 2008  10:24 -0400, Ms. Megan Larko wrote:
> The order I used which generated no "unknown symbol" errors for
> installation of lustre was this:
> 1)   kernel-lustre-smp-2.6.18-53.1.14.el5_lustre.
> If using infiniband (IB) this is next:
> 2)   kernel-ib-1.3-2.6.18_53.1.14.el5_lustre.
> 3)   lustre-ldiskfs-3.0.4-2.6.18_53.1.14.el5_lustre.
> 4)   lustre-modules-
> 5)   lustre-

That is good to know for the documentation.  However, I suspect if all
of these packages are installed at the same time there would also not
be any symbol warnings.

> If a module installation does have many "unknown symbol" references,
> then find the rpm which will satisfy those references and install that
> module.   To actually have them satisfied one must return to the
> package that had complained about the "unknown symbol" and having
> already installed the package to satisfy those symbols then "rpm
> --force -ivh"  to force a retry of the package with the issues.

That isn't quite correct.  The missing module symbols are the output
of "depmod -ae" that is run in the RPM post-install after kernel modules
are installed.  Even if there are such warnings, if the modules are
later installed and "depmod -ae" is run again it should report no
warnings, regardless of what order the modules were installed.  That
means - no need to reinstall the RPMs or to install them in a particular
order, though of course avoid the warnings is always nicer.

You can always run "depmod -ae" by hand to re-verify the modules of
the currently installed kernels.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group
Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

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