[Lustre-discuss] Patchless server

Brian J. Murrell Brian.Murrell at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 8 06:54:01 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-08 at 15:31 +0200, Lukas Hejtmanek wrote:
> well, one use case scenario with dedicated Luster servers could addopt almost
> any kernel. 

I'm afraid I didn't grok that.

> However, at the university supercomputing center, we are thinking about
> scenario of a cluster file system where each computing node is also Lustre
> data server so that we can unify all the local disks into one big scratch
> area.. Is this insane?

Yes.  If you run a lustre client and OST on the same machine you can get
deadlocks under memory pressure.  This has been discussed many times on
this list.  I'm sure the archives can provide good details.


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