[Lustre-discuss] Kernel Oops on the stock RHEL 4 kernel?

Jason Williams jasonw at jhu.edu
Fri Oct 10 05:32:03 PDT 2008

I have been playing around with lustre as part of some testing 
that we are doing for an up and coming cluster.  I installed it on 2 
test machines, Dell 2950's with 8 GB of ram to be exact, and fired up a 
test file system. 

The test file system was very simple:

/dev/sdb -  ~400GB for the MDT/MGS
/dev/sdc - ~4TB for the OST

Both the mdt/mgs and the ost mounted fine, as did the actual lustre 
filesystem when I mounted it with the mount command:

mount -t lustre hostname at tcp0:/testfs /mnt/testfs

Then I tried to do:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/testfs/testfile bs=1M count=1024

Just as a preliminary test.  And what happens is it'll write ~700MB then 
I get a horrible kernel oops and the machine locks up.  The whole thing 
is pretty stock, it's running on RHEL4 with the Lustre pre-built RHEL4 
kernel RPMS and the pre-built lustre- for RHEL4.  So I will be 
relatively surprised if this is a bug that's just slipped under the 
radar.  I would be less surprised if it is something I am doing wrong, 
but I followed the quick-start for a simple lustre config and this is 
now where I am stuck.  Attached is the kernel oops, if anyone is 
interested.  I looked at the function it oops'ed on and nothing jumped 
out as out of the ordinary at first glance, so I am stumped.  The last 
line of the oops is sort of cut off because it was captured via 
serial-over-lan console.  I did find reference to a kernel oops in 
mballoc on google, but the resulting bugzilla bug is not readable by the 
public, so I am unsure if this has anything to do with that bug.

Any thoughts anyone?

Jason Williams
Linux Systems Administrator
Johns Hopkins University
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