[Lustre-discuss] Kernel Oops on the stock RHEL 4 kernel?

Jason Williams jasonw at jhu.edu
Fri Oct 10 05:58:45 PDT 2008

Guy Coates wrote:
> Jason Williams wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have been playing around with lustre as part of some testing
>> that we are doing for an up and coming cluster.  I installed it on 2
>> test machines, Dell 2950's with 8 GB of ram to be exact, and fired up a
>> test file system.
>> The test file system was very simple:
>> /dev/sdb -  ~400GB for the MDT/MGS
>> /dev/sdc - ~4TB for the OST
> Quick questions; did you mount the filesystem on the OST/MDS machine, or on a
> separate client? Mounting filesystems on OST/MDS nodes is not supported.
> Does it work with an OST  disk < 2TB? support for disks > 2TB is patchy
> depending on your exact disk controller hardware.
> Cheers,
> Guy
Hi Guy

Hmm, yes the file system is mounting on the OST/MDS node.    Lustre 1.4 
seemed to not really have any issue with that.  I wonder why it's not 
supported. And thanks for the heads up on the > 2TB support.  Looks like 
I get to go back to my boss and have a discussion about alternatives....


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