[Lustre-discuss] lfs df vs. df -k

Hendelman, Rob Rob.Hendelman at magnetar.com
Mon Oct 13 11:42:32 PDT 2008

So I've read through the mailing lists, faq, etc and have not come
across this.

Total space available: df -k and lfs df show the exact same # of 1k
blocks.  So far so good.  However, a df -k shows 4783238028 1k blocks in
use, while a lfs df shows 5399853568 1k blocks in use.  Interestingly,
lfs df -i and df -i both show the same number of total inodes the same.
They ALSO both show the used inodes the same as well.  Free inodes are
also the same.  Everything matches.

Anyone know why "df -k" used space doesn't match between "lfs df -k" and
df -k ?

Client is 2.6.22 patchless kernel/client on Ubuntu.  The server is
centos using the packages provided for download, including kernel:

-bash-3.1$ rpm -qa | sort | grep lust



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