[Lustre-discuss] meta freezing

Papp Tamas tompos at martos.bme.hu
Tue Oct 14 04:07:59 PDT 2008

hi ALL,

Since we switched from to on one of our cluster we have 
a wierd problem.

One of the node of the cluster lock up and only reset can help, it's 
usually the meta node. It's already not good, but there is also 
something. When the node gets up again and the recovery is starting 
agaian it locks up over and over again. It's counting back and sometimes 
there is only a few clients, sometimes there is no more clients, but 
it's always locks up.

So I mount the mdt, umount -f, mount again, recovery is in Sstatus 
INACTIVE and the cluster is working.

Now I'm out of ideas.

The cluster was made with Is it safe to move back to I 
mean just changing he utilities and the kernel and that's all, or do I 
need the do further  steps?

Thank you,


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