[Lustre-discuss] Lnet configuration: 1 ost per gige interface.

Hendelman, Rob Rob.Hendelman at magnetar.com
Tue Oct 21 09:41:15 PDT 2008

Hello everyone,

I'd like to dedicate 1 gigabit Ethernet interface per OST.  What is the
way to do this?  My OST's are fairly slow (raid 10, 4 sata drives ea) by
enterprise standards but still can sustain 80-90MByte/second on large
sequential reads.  I imagine if I striped a file over 3 OST's I would
hit speed limitations using GigE.

What I'd like to do is have multiple gige nics connected to a (dumb)
switch to start with.  I'd put each gige nic in a separate /28.  My
first OSS box has 3 OST's (12 drives) and 3 gig-e nics.  My MDS/MGS has
a single gige nic.

I have assigned 3 ip's (on different /28's) in linux to the gig-e
interface on the mds/mgs box, and 1 ip (also on different /28's) to each
interface on the oss server.  The client (only 1 to start) is also going
to have 3 gige nics, with 1 ip on each subnet.

First off, what does modules.conf look like on the mgs/mds?  Should it
be something like:

Options lnet networks=tcp0(eth0),tcp1(eth0:0),tcp2(eth0:1)

Should the modules.conf on the oss/clients be something like:

Options lnet networks=tcp0(eth0),tcp1(eth1),tcp2(eth2)?

Can I then format each ost with the mgs/mds parameter pointing to tcp0,
tcp1, or tcp2 to force it to use a specific gige interface?

I have been reading through the Lustre 1.6 operations manual but have
not gained a clear understanding of exactly how to set this up so it
works properly.

I am running Lustre on centos 5.1 with the rpm's provided by the
Sun website.



Robert Hendelman Jr
Magnetar Capital LLC
Rob.Hendelman at magnetar.com

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