[Lustre-discuss] mpi-io support

emoly.liu Emoly.Liu at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 27 23:54:35 PDT 2008


An optimized Lustre ADIO collective write driver is developed by ORNL 
and SUN Lustre group. We improve the relationship between collective 
MPI-IO and the Lustre striping.

The recent FLASH I/O benchmarking results on Jaguar show that our new 
driver gives significant performance improvements in the following 
graph. In this test, we compare ufs independent driver, ufs optimized 
collective driver to lustre adio driver.

At present, the patch for mpich2-1.0.7 is worked out and maintained in 
HEAD branch. It should be released soon.


Jim Williams wrote:
> When running an earlier version of lustre (1.4.6) we had partial mpi-io support. 
>   Since upgrading to 1.4.11, that seems to have disappeared.  The version that 
> we're running is a local compile & 1.4.6 was provided by Sun when we deployed 
> the machine.  After searching the list archives I see references to the adio 
> driver in the contrib tree & I suspect that the person who built the version 
> that we're running didn't include it.  Is that the only missing component or do 
> I need to do anything else to get mpi-io to work?  Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

System Software Engineer, Lustre Group
Sun Microsystems ( China ) Co. Limited

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