[Lustre-discuss] high IOPS

Francois Chassaing fch at weborama.com
Wed Dec 2 08:20:24 PST 2009

Dear list, 

I have a big fundamental question : 
if the load that I'll put on the FS is more IOPS-intensive than throughput-intensive (because I'll access lots of medium-sized files ~5 MB from a small number of clients), 
should I better go Lustre or PVFS2 ? 
Also, if the main load is IOPS, shouldn't I oversize MDS/MDT in terms of CPU/RAM and storage perf (ie. : max of 15K SAS RAID10 spindles possible) ? on the budget side, may I use asynchronous DRBD to mirror MDT (internal storage), or should I only got a good shared storage (direct or iscsi) ? 
Today I'm leaning towards Lustre, because I've tested it against glusterfs, and gluster performed little less good than lustre but poorly failed the bonnie++ create/delete tests. Also I didn't gave a shot at PVFS2 yet... 

Thank you. 

And yes, I do not intend to start a flame war, just a better understanding of wich FS best suits our needs. 

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