[Lustre-discuss] OST I/O problems

Bernd Schubert bs_lists at aakef.fastmail.fm
Fri Dec 4 05:35:01 PST 2009

On Friday 04 December 2009, Heiko Schröter wrote:
> Hello,
> we do see those messages (see below) on our OSTs when under heavy _read_
>  load (or when 60+ Jobs are trying to read data at approx the same time).
>  The OSTs freezes and even console output is down to a few bytes the
>  minute. After some time the OSTs do revocer.

>ler.c:882:ost_brw_read()) @@@ timeout on bulk PUT after
>  100+0s  req at ffff81007efa7e00 x7869690/t0

This error message means "You have a flaky network". For example it comes up 
if you set a high MTU, but your switch does not support it.


Bernd Schubert
DataDirect Networks

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