[Lustre-discuss] OST I/O problems

Heiko Schröter schroete at iup.physik.uni-bremen.de
Mon Dec 7 02:03:26 PST 2009

Am Freitag 04 Dezember 2009 14:35:01 schrieb Bernd Schubert:

> >ler.c:882:ost_brw_read()) @@@ timeout on bulk PUT after
> >  100+0s  req at ffff81007efa7e00 x7869690/t0
> This error message means "You have a flaky network". For example it comes up 
> if you set a high MTU, but your switch does not support it.
Thank you very much for the hint.
The root cause for our problem was a D-Link Gigabit switch who's QoS has been set to 'Normal'. Additionally two old 100MBit devices were plugged into this switch.

Best Regards

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