[Lustre-discuss] OFED - How to configure infiniband interface on Linux

Maxim V. Patlasov Maxim.Patlasov at Sun.COM
Sat Dec 26 05:22:49 PST 2009


There is no any special process of enabling IB on linux. You just 
install rpms from lustre.org (lustre + kernel + ib), reboot system and 
look at 'ifconfig -a' output. If all went fine, you'll see 'ib0' 
interface in the output and you can configure it with 'ifconfig ib0 ...' 
in the same way as you configure eth0. As soon as it is 'up' and has an 
IP-address assigned, you can run lustre over it.

Another approach is to build all from sources. If you choose to do so, 
the following link is useful: http://blogs.sun.com/atulvid/
(kudos to Atul for detailed guidelines).


On 12/26/2009 05:13 AM, Jagga Soorma wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have another quick question.  I will need to configure my infiniband 
> interfaces and I guess the best method is to use the kernel-ib modules 
> that lustre.org <http://lustre.org> provides instead of using the ones 
> from the vendor.  Is there any documentation that you can point me to 
> that would help me configure these new interfaces?  I am brand new to 
> infiniband and don't have too much experience with this.  I will be 
> adding this to both a RHEL 5.3 and SLES 11 systems.
> Thanks in advance.
> -J
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