[Lustre-discuss] New to lustre - Help setting up Lustre

Ken Hornstein kenh at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Wed Dec 30 07:09:25 PST 2009

>	I think the original problem you were referring to is "undefined
>symbol: ext2_attr_index_prefix " ? This is fixed in bug#20830 and
>checked in to the cvs. The fix will be available with release of
>e2fsprogs 1.41.9-sun1.

Actually, I just looked at this bug, and this is not the problem (the issue
I had was actually a different symbol, and it had mmp in the name of the

What I was referring to is that if you go to the Sun web site to download
Lustre and you select SLES 11, one of the RPMs listed is the one for
e2fsprogs.  That's fine.  But what it DOESN'T list is these RPMs:


Specifically, you need all of those library RPMs to make e2fsprogs work
under SLES 11.  This really isn't mentioned anywhere that I saw.  So
it's not a BUG in Lustre, per se ... it's really more of a packaging
issue on the Sun download web site.  If that's still the sort of thing that
should go in a bug report, I'll be glad to do it.


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