[Lustre-discuss] simultaneous export of lustre fs via NFS and Samba

Craig Prescott prescott at hpc.ufl.edu
Sat Jan 24 18:08:15 PST 2009


I'd like to export a Lustre filesystem via NFS (non-Lustre UNIX/Linux 
clients) and Samba (Windows clients).  I've set up a small testbed:

1 combo MGS/MDS/OSS host running Lustre 1.6.6/CentOS 5.2
1 native Linux client running Lustre 1.6.6 (patchless client) and CentOS 5.2
1 NFS Linux client (CentOS 5)
1 Windows client (XP)

The "native" Lustre client above functions as both NFS server and 
standalone Samba server.  This seems to work fine on this small scale in 
the very limited testing I've done so far.  Is this what people normally do?

Before trying this on a larger scale, I'd like to know if there are any 
"gotchas" involved in what I'm trying to do.  Such as:

* any problem (from Lustre's perspective) to run the NFS server and 
Samba server from the same client?
* on the NFS/Samba server host, shoud I mount with certain options, such 
as -oflock?
* other??

The idea is that the NFS and Samba client would have "convenience" 
access to the filesystem only.

Any comments appreciated.

Craig Prescott

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