[Lustre-discuss] Plateau around 200MiB/s bond0

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Fri Jan 30 10:43:02 PST 2009

Arden Wiebe wrote:

> With screens at http://ioio.ca/iozone/MGSClient/images.html that clearly
> show a large jump in smooth stable network activity from the 200MiB/s to
> the 400MiB/s range.
> If one were to have more processors would that increase maximum
> throughput?  Does the number of GigE interfaces scale to the number of
> processors?  Give 6GigE bond0 can I test in any other way to increase the
> 412MiB/s plateau?  How do I best interpret the above results?

In your case, (as was in ours) I would assume the limiting factor are the
speeds of the drives on the OSTs.

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