[Lustre-discuss] OST mount fails because of obdfilter state

Erich Focht efocht at hpce.nec.com
Fri Jan 30 03:29:19 PST 2009


we see the following issue on Lustre

Sometimes an OST mount fails with the error message

LustreError: 18644:0:(genops.c:246:class_newdev()) Device lustre-OST0003 
already exists, won't add
LustreError: 18644:0:(obd_config.c:180:class_attach()) Cannot create 
device lustre-OST0003 of type obdfilter : -17

Turns out that the device list shows that the obdfilter is somehow in 
the system already, but in strange state:

[root at doss2 ~]# lctl dl
   0 UP mgc MGC10.3.0.230 at o2ib 1805aeda-6b3a-c265-7f68-299401681273 5
   1 UP ost OSS OSS_uuid 3
   2 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0002 lustre-OST0002_UUID 7
   3 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0000 lustre-OST0000_UUID 7
   4 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0001 lustre-OST0001_UUID 7
   5 -- obdfilter lustre-OST0003 lustre-OST0003_UUID 5   <---
   6 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0005 lustre-OST0005_UUID 7
   7 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0004 lustre-OST0004_UUID 7

Is there any way (expect reboot or unloading lustre modules) to reset or 
unload this obdfilter?


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