[Lustre-discuss] New Hardware Config

dan dan at nerp.net
Fri Jan 30 11:25:13 PST 2009

Hi all!

I have a smaller Lustre system that just experienced a RAID controller
failure.  We're going to try to rebuild better.  We don't have a HA


ATTO 16 port SAS RAID controller
10 73 GB 15k SAS drives, 8 in RAID 10 plus 2 hot spare
8 cores, 16 GB memory

2 - OSSs:
Areca 8 and 16 port RAID controllers
500 GB Hitachi SATA drives on both
4 cores with 8 GB memory

We're using Intel Pro/1000 PT dual port cards bonded for the OSSs and a
single Pro/1000 on the MDS.  Suggestions?

Previously we were using an Areca controller for the MDS but it seems to
have trouble under load.  They do ok for the OSTs - around 275 MB/sec
sustained writes.  Is anyone using a similar configuration?

Thank you,


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