[Lustre-discuss] Announce: Lustre 1.8.2 is available!

Terry Rutledge Terry.Rutledge at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 5 15:43:43 PST 2010

Hi all,

Lustre 1.8.2 is available on the Sun Download Center Site.


The change log and release notes can be read here:


Here are some items that may interest you in this release:

* 16TB LUN is supported on RHEL5 with ext4-based ldiskfs and
  not with ext3-based ldiskfs. The default RHEL5 rpms still
  use ext3 and specific rpms are provided with ext4 support.
  Naming for the files uses "-ext4" following the kernel
  version string. Please note that this was manually done
  for this release, so internal package name will not match
  for this release (see bug 20301).

* quotacheck performance has been greatly improved (bug 19763).

* Several recovery improvements providing a finer control over
  recovery time (new tunables added). See bug 18948 for more
  details.  https://bugzilla.lustre.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18948

* A bug causing truncated read on 32-bit clients when accessing an
  offset > 4GB has been fixed (see bug 21506).

* Fix a locking issue on rename operation causing metadata corruption.
  The race window is quite small and the bug has only been reported
  while running intensive concurrent rename operations in the same
  directory (see bug 20892).

As always, you can report issues via Bugzilla:

To access earlier releases of Lustre, please check the box
"See previous products*(P)*", then click "L" or scroll down to
"Lustre" and all previous releases (1.6.6 - 1.8.2) will be

Happy downloading!

-- The Lustre Team --

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