[Lustre-discuss] Lustre and Automount

Peter Grandi pg_lus at lus.for.sabi.co.UK
Fri May 28 07:20:40 PDT 2010

> Also, remember that you can't mount Lustre subdirectories. That is, you 
> can mount your Lustre filesystem as, say, /home, but you can't mount 
> /home/username.

> An approach that we are testing (but haven't tried in production yet) 
> was suggested by an earlier post from Andreas Dilger, and involves two 
> automounts. The first mounts the base Lustre filesystem(s) somewhere 
> (say, /lustre) as a direct mount, the second is /etc/auto.home and looks 
> like this:
> *    -bind    :/lustre/&

Or one could use 'amd' from 'am-utils' instead of 'autofs' which
is the easy-and-quick automounter. 'amd' is what I'd use in most
non-trivial cases as it can easily mount a filesystem and create
a symlink to some part of it. Not sure latest versions have
Lustre support.

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