[Lustre-discuss] Oss Error and 0 byte files

Gianluca Tresoldi gianluca.tresoldi at tuttogratis.com
Wed Sep 8 08:02:01 PDT 2010

  Hello everyone

I've an installation with Lustre 1.8.2, Centos 5, x86_64 and  I 
encountered this problem:

After several months of smooth operation, client begin to write empty 
files without log error,from their point of view writing was successful.

OSS wrote, in their log, several lines like:
Sep  8 12:40:31 tgoss-0200 kernel: LustreError: 
5816:0:(filter_io.c:183:filter_grant_space_left()) lfs01-OST0000: cli 
20d94382-3300-f12e-65d1-c0f1743e1e20/ffff8106a4e30a00 grant 39956230144 
 > available 39956226048 and pending 0

I checked the availability of space and inodes, but this is not the problem.

the problem goes away by rebooting ost.

This is the second time I have, first at july 2010, second september 2010.

Any ideas?It's a bug?

Gianluca Tresoldi
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Tuttogratis Italia Spa
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