[Lustre-discuss] server with 1.8.x clients

Fan Yong yong.fan at whamcloud.com
Wed Sep 15 02:08:29 PDT 2010

  Honestly, we do not suggest the mixed mode as you mentioned unless you 
have to for some special reasons.
There are some known interoperability issues between lustre-1.8 and 
lustre-2.0. These are part of them in the list:


And as I known, most interoperability issues were fixed after 
lustre-1.8.3, so lustre-1.8.x with "x>=4" for your configuration maybe work.


On 9/15/10 2:48 PM, Christos Theodosiou wrote:
> Hi,
> we plan to use lustre servers with some 1.8.x and
> clients.
> Is there any known issues, that discourage this configuration?
> Regards
> Christos

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