[Lustre-discuss] Multi-Role/Tasking MDS/OSS Hosts

Jonathan B. Horen jbhoren at alaska.edu
Fri Sep 17 11:42:51 PDT 2010

We're trying to architect a Lustre setup for our group, and want to leverage
our available resources. In doing so, we've come to consider multi-purposing
several hosts, so that they'll function simultaneously as MDS & OSS.

Background: Our OSTs are a NexSan SATAboy (10T), a NexSan SATAbeast (30T), a
FalconStor NSS650 (32T), and a FalconStor NSS620 (32T) -- all have multiple
iSCSI interfaces. Primary MDS would be a 72-cpu IBM x3950m2, which would
also be an OSS. Secondary MDS would be a 2-cpu Penguin Computing Altus-1300,
which would also be an OSS. A 2-cpu Dell PowerEdge 1425 would be our third
OSS. The IBM x3950m2 also functions as a heavily-used compute cluster (70
dedicated cpus, which could/would be reduced by the number of cpus to be
dedicated to MDS and OSS needs). We have most of the infrastructure already
in-place for Infiniband networking.

Are there basic conflicts-of-interest, and/or known/potential "gotchas" in
utilizing hosts in such multi-purpose roles?

Systems Administrator
UAF Life Science Informatics
Center for Research Services
(907) 474-2742
jbhoren at alaska.edu
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