[Lustre-discuss] ll_glimpse_size() causing intermittent EIO

Fan Yong yong.fan at whamcloud.com
Thu Sep 16 20:00:46 PDT 2010

  On 9/17/10 2:43 AM, Fraser McCrossan wrote:
>    We're seeing a problem recently with a 1.8.4 server and both 1.8.2 and
> 1.8.4 clients. We get intermittent log entries on the client like this:
> LustreError: 32493:0:(file.c:995:ll_glimpse_size()) obd_enqueue returned
> rc -5, returning -EIO
> Occasionally we get "rc -4" instead of -5. The client code fails with an
> I/O error, as you'd expect. We can't find matching log entries on the
> server.
> Trying the same file on the same or different clients again a few
> minutes later works fine. We're seeing this on lots of different clients
> but intermittently and fairly rarely, but it obviously it tends to crash
> user jobs. Any ideas what could be causing it?
Have you compared your issues with Lustre bug 22622?
Some similar, but not sure. Good Luck.


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