[Lustre-discuss] Multi-Role/Tasking MDS/OSS Hosts

Jonathan B. Horen jbhoren at alaska.edu
Fri Sep 17 12:10:05 PDT 2010

Thanks very much!

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 10:52 AM, Brian J. Murrell <brian.murrell at oracle.com
> wrote:

> On Fri, 2010-09-17 at 10:42 -0800, Jonathan B. Horen wrote:
> >
> > Background: Our OSTs
> OSSes.  OSTs are the disks that an OSS provides object service with.

Yes, but... how, then, am I to view SAN storage devices? Sure, the disks are
the OSTs, but these aren't JBODs hooked-up to a host's SCSI/SATA/SAS
backplane... they're already in RAID-6 arrays, with PVs, VGs, and LVs,
holding real user data, which are managed by the NexSan/FalconStor software
(on top of a Linux OS).

Am I correct in thinking that these SAN storage devices would be networked
to one-or-more OSSes?

Admittedly, I find it somewhat confusing.

> > Primary MDS would be a 72-cpu IBM x3950m2, which would
> > also be an OSS.
> MDS and OSS on the same node is an unsupported configuration due to the
> fact that if it fails you will have a "double failure" and recovery
> cannot be performed.
> > Secondary MDS would be a 2-cpu Penguin Computing Altus-1300,
> > which would also be an OSS.
> Ditto.
> > Are there basic conflicts-of-interest, and/or known/potential "gotchas"
> in
> > utilizing hosts in such multi-purpose roles?
> OSSes and MDSes require a kernel patched for Lustre.  So you'd need to
> be able to either replace the kernel on those existing machines or patch
> the source you built it from.

Did I misunderstand that RHEL5 sports Lustre-support already in the kernel?
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