[Lustre-discuss] ldiskfs-ext4 interoperability question

Nirmal Seenu nirmal at fnal.gov
Thu Sep 30 12:58:37 PDT 2010

Our current Lustre servers run the version with the regular ldiskfs.

We are looking to expand our Lustre file system with new servers/storage and upgrade to all the lustre servers to 1.8.4 as well at the same time. We 
would like to make use of the ldiskfs-ext4 on the new servers to use larger OSTs.

I just want to confirm the following facts:

1. Is is possible to run different versions of ldiskfs on different OSSs of the same lustre file system.

2. Can I install the Lustre RPMs meant for the ext4 system on our older servers that were formatted with the older ldiskfs and expect it to work? Do I 
have to do any ext3-ext4 conversion or equivalent to make this work?


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