[Lustre-discuss] How do you monitor your lustre?

Mark Nelson mark at msi.umn.edu
Thu Sep 30 14:04:45 PDT 2010


I use collectl with a tool I've been writing called msica for charting 
torque/pbs/moab/collectl data.  The charts are all defined in XML with 
plugins for supplying data, charting the data, applying functions to the 
data, changing how the data is displayed, etc. Eventually I want to make 
it into an interactive data exploration tool, but right now it's all 
command-line driven.

It's open source, but I haven't got it into a 1.0 release state yet 
(maybe in the next couple of weeks).  If you are interested in looking, 
the current trunk code is available at: http://code.google.com/p/msica

Here's some sample output I took while doing sweeping IOR runs across 
our OSTs (test repeated 5 times):


And some parsing of moab logs to monitor job statistics on one of our 
smaller clusters:



On 09/30/2010 04:46 AM, Andreas Davour wrote:
> I ask because the lmt project seem to be quite moribund. Anyone else out there
> doing something?
> /andreas

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