[Lustre-discuss] 1.8.2 MDS nlink bug

Rick Grubin rick.grubin at Oracle.COM
Mon Jan 3 14:50:57 PST 2011


> I was wondering if any of you guys got hit by
> https://bugzilla.lustre.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22177
> We are running 1.8.2 and over the holidays we had an MDS crash and saw
> the following show up a couple of times in our logs:
> mds kernel: LustreError: 6295:0:(mds_reint.c:1772:mds_orphan_add_link())
> ASSERTION(inode->i_nlink == 2) failed: dir nlink == 1
> There was associated ext fs corruption and difficulty remounting the MDS
> without crashes.  I'm trying to verify that we are in fact running into
> 22177 before declaring the case closed and ruling out other
> possibilities.  If you ran into this bug, does this sound like what you
> experienced?

That definitely looks like bug 22177, from the limited information provided.

Note that this issue is fixed in Lustre v1.8.3 (or you can apply the 
patches from but 22177)

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