[Lustre-discuss] 1.8.2 MDS nlink bug

Mark Nelson mark at msi.umn.edu
Tue Jan 4 06:51:57 PST 2011

Hi Rick,

Yeah, it definitely seems like that's what we are hitting based on the 
information provided in the bug report.

In the short term we are working with our vendor to deploy a patched 
1.8.2 to the MDS.  Later we'll migrate to 1.8.5 after we can do a bit 
more testing.  We'd like to avoid a forced migration if possible. 
Unfortunately our MDS just went down again.  I imagine that one of our 
users must have repeated whatever set of operations that brought it down 
the first time.


On 01/03/2011 04:50 PM, Rick Grubin wrote:
> That definitely looks like bug 22177, from the limited information provided.
> Note that this issue is fixed in Lustre v1.8.3 (or you can apply the
> patches from but 22177)
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