[Lustre-discuss] RHEL54 / Lustre mds_getxattr -95 errors

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Thanks. I'll try the explicit mount option. I assume the patch will land
in 2.1.




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I think you met the issues I mentioned in: 

I have made patch for it and in testing.
Before the patch landed, you can mount MDT with "-o acl" or "-o noacl"
explicitly to avoid these confused messages.


On 1/18/11 10:39 PM, CHU, STEPHEN H (ATTSI) wrote: 

Hi all,


I recently loaded the following on my testbed to try out Lustre 2.0:

One MDS - RHEL 54, Lustre 2.0

mkfs.lustre --fsname=lufs --reformat --mgs --mdt --param
lov.stripesize=25M --param lov.stripecount=1 /dev/sda2

/etc/fstab = /dev/sda2       /lustre1-mgs-mds                lustre
rw,noauto,_netdev  0 0

One OSS - RHEL 54, Lustre 2.0

mkfs.lustre --fsname=lufs --reformat --ost --mgsnode= at o2ib0

mkfs.lustre --fsname=lufs --reformat --ost --mgsnode= at o2ib0

/etc/fstab = /dev/sdb        /lustre1/ost1         lustre
rw,noauto,_netdev  0 0

                       /dev/sdc        /lustre1/ost2         lustre
rw,noauto,_netdev  0 0

One Client - RHEL 54, Lustre 2.0

/etc/fstab = at o2ib0:/lufs       /lustre1_fifo         lustre
rw,noauto,_netdev  0 0


/lustre-mgs-mds, /lustre1/ost1,2 mounted OK on MDS and OSS.
/lustre1_fifo mounted OK with Client. So far so good.


On Client, "cd /" and performed a "ls -l". The following messages
immediately showed up:

On Client

 Jan 18 14:04:19 bg8mo33sn kernel: LustreError: 11-0: an error occurred
while communicating with at o2ib. The mds_getxattr operation
failed with -95


Jan 18 14:04:19 bg8mo33lm kernel: LustreError:
20056:0:(ldlm_lib.c:2123:target_send_reply_msg()) @@@ processing error
(-95)  req at ffff81031427e050 x1357944885151537/t0(0)
o49->af4d23bf-2d42-6e4d-6afc-353425e513af at NET_0x500000a672229_UUID:0/0
lens 448/328 e 0 to 0 dl 1295359465 ref 1 fl
Interpret:/ffffffff/ffffffff rc -95/-1


All IBs between all nodes are alive and seeing each other with no


The client also NFS exports /lustre1_fifo via:

/etc/exports = /lustre1_fifo   testhost1(rw,sync,no_root_squash)


After testhost1 mounted /lustre1_fifo and attempt to "mkdir test" under
it, the same error messages from above showed up on the MDS and the
client. "-95" as "Operation not supported on transport endpoint" but
what does it mean here in this context.


The same MDS/OSS/Client setup/arrangements ran fine on RHEL 5.3 and
Lustre with no errors.


Appreciate any help/insight. Thanks.




Stephen Chu



200 Laurel Ave

Middletown, NJ

(732) 420-0588

stephenchu at att.com

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