[Lustre-discuss] split OSTs from single OSS in 2 networks

DEGREMONT Aurelien aurelien.degremont at cea.fr
Thu Jan 20 00:25:58 PST 2011


If you want to register different interfaces for different OST on the 
same OSS, you should use --network options, introduced in patch 



Haisong Cai a écrit :
> I have a storage server that has two QPI contolllers,
> each controller contols half of the I/O slots. In the first half is
> a raid controller and 10GbE card, in the second half is a raid controller
> and a 10GbE card.
> 4 raid arrays for 4 OSTs of single Lustre filesystem.
> 2 10GbE, each configured with their own IP and switches,
> I want to register OSTs on this OSS with different addresses.
> That is, OST1 & OST2 in IPSUBNET1, OST3 & OST4 in IPSUBNET2,
> and using "policy-based" routing directing traffic.
> The idea is to not do the bonding and get as much of bandwidth
> out of 10GbE NICs as possible.
> Is it possible?

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