[Lustre-discuss] Enabling mds failover after filesystem creation

Jeff Johnson jeff.johnson at aeoncomputing.com
Tue Jun 14 12:06:58 PDT 2011


I am attempting to add mds failover operation to an existing v1.8.4 
filesystem. I have heartbeat/stonith configured on the mds nodes. What 
is unclear is what to change in the lustre parameters. I have read over 
the 1.8.x and 2.0 manuals and they are unclear as exactly how to enable 
failover mds operation on an existing filesystem.

Do I simply run the following on the primary mds node and specify the 
NID of the secondary mds node?

tunefs.lustre --param="failover.node= at o2ib" /dev/<mdt device>

where: mds, mds

All of the examples for enabling failover via tunefs.lustre are for OSTs 
and I want to be sure that there isn't a different procedure for the MDS 
since it can only be active/passive.



Jeff Johnson
Aeon Computing

4905 Morena Boulevard, Suite 1313 - San Diego, CA 92117

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