[Lustre-discuss] quota_chk_acq_common()

Charles Taylor taylor at hpc.ufl.edu
Fri Jun 17 09:26:05 PDT 2011

We enabled quotas on two new file systems and are now seeing lots of  
the following in our logs...

Lustre: 31473:0:(quota_interface.c:460:quota_chk_acq_common()) still  
managed to acquire quota space from the quota master after 10 retries  
rc=0): 2 Time(s)
Looking at the code, it is clearly going through the loop at least 10  
times however rc is always zero when the message is printed so the  
acquire() call is succeeding, apparently, on the 10th try.   However,  
if I'm reading the code correctly, for that to happen, the thread has  
already waited at least 45s (cumulatively) which is a long time to  
us.   It seems like such a long wait would cause other complaints but  
we aren't seeing anything obvious.
Is this normal?    Are others seeing the same messages?  Is there some  
tuning we should be doing.
Note that one of the file systems is 1.8.5 while the other is 2.0.
Charlie Taylor
UF HPC Center

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