[Lustre-discuss] Test restructuring

Chris Gearing chris at whamcloud.com
Fri Oct 14 03:02:03 PDT 2011

Hi Nathan,

This is definitely something we have been thinking about but also something 
that's not got to the top of our to-do list yet. I think we can safely say 
that we share a desire to make them more reliable, repeatable, and easier to 
run and automate, and also a view  that to do this is going to need 

Perhaps we should use this mail to start a discussion on lustre-discuss and 
then agree a plan/approach that someone can execute.


should talk about and also something that

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Hi Chris -
talking to Eric after EOFS he mentioned that you were not just interested in 
automating the existing Lustre tests but also in restructuring how they were 
designed / set up to make them more reliable, repeatable, and easier to run 
and automate.  Or, at least that is my desire and I was hoping you had 
similar thoughts / plans.
In particular, I'm interested in a few things:
1. Separating out the setup of the filesystem from the execution of the 
2. Reducing the ordering dependencies on the tests and clarifying their 
individual prerequisites and postconditions.
3. Reorganizing the tests into more logical groupings.
4. Cutting out redundant / ineffective tests.

Are you / WhamCloud pursuing any of this at the moment?
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