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Fri Dec 7 09:34:57 PST 2012

On 2012-12-07, at 10:26, Jon Yeargers <yeargers at ohsu.edu<mailto:yeargers at ohsu.edu>> wrote:
Can Lustre be used to store data like streaming audio / video? I’ve been scolded about considering it for DB storage but I’m looking at the relative merits of Lustre vs HDFS.

I've been using Lustre for years with my home MythTV (Linux PVR) setup. The only major change I made was to reduce the readahead window size so that there wasn't lag when videos first start playing due to the large readahead window being filled.

Of course, the suitability for a given workload depends on the hardware being used. Lustre will definitely give you better performance for the same hardware than HDFS, but if you need highly available data, the storage needs to be able to failover between servers.

Cheers, Andreas

I’m moving to a clustered DB setup and wondering about Cassandra / Lustre vs Hadoop (IE HBase / HDFS). One offers flexibility in terms of mixing hardware components while the other is a ‘one stop shop’.

Not trying to elicit a religious war – and yes, I’ve been reading as much as I can find about this. Just hoping for the opinion(s) of this side of the table.
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