[Lustre-discuss] LNET over multiple NICs

Alexander Oltu Alexander.Oltu at uni.no
Tue Dec 18 02:36:29 PST 2012

Hi all!

I have the following setup:

* 4 x OSS servers with 2 x 10GbE
* 4 x clients with 2 x 10GbE (these are kind of NFS servers to
  redistribute filesystem to all other clients)

I would like to use multi-rail LNET over Ethernet instead of bonding
for performance reasons (if there are any). I am using 192.168.110.x for
one adapter and 192.168.111.x for another one.

Mounting filesystem on the clients as:
mount.lustre at tcp0, at tcp1:/lustre /mnt/lustre

But all LNET traffic from any client goes to the at tcp0
only, despite of current load on the nid. lctl ping is working fine for
both nids.

I know that I can mount 2 clients to tcp0 and 2 other to tcp1, but
would like to use both interfaces on each client for performance

I've been looking into Lustre manual and found multi-rail for
Infiniband only.

I wonder what is recommended now for LNET over Ethernet with multiple
adapters, where fault-tolerance is less important than performance?

Thank you,

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